About Positivly

Positiv.ly is a community that promises to build you up. Life has its challenges, and we all must have a place to gather to support one another.

We built Positiv.ly in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic when our community’s mental health needs were at their highest and saw how powerful shared stories and resources were for the community. Positiv.ly is a safe place to share your story and change a life. 

What we believe 

At Positiv.ly, we are a team of passionate creators based in Dayton. We’ve had days where we struggled and knew how important a friend, community, or story could be. While mental health challenges are on the rise, we believe that we can make a difference:   

  1. We believe that everyone could use some mental health support.
  2. We believe mental health should be discussed without feelings of shame or embarrassment.
  3. We believe in the power of peer-to-peer support.
  4. We believe in positive psychology.
  5. We believe in unabashed authenticity.
  6. We believe technology can be used for good. 

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