End of Year Slump

By Reese N

End of Year Slump

With summer coming up so soon, it can be hard to stay motivated at the end of the school year. Everything feels so overwhelming: end-of-year exams, standardized tests, and even simple tasks such as homework. However, no matter how tired you are of school, the end of the year is the most critical time for students to do their best work. Here is a list of tips to boost motivation when you feel it might be lacking:

  • Surround yourself with positive people – It is super important that your friends and family maintain an optimistic outlook on this daunting part of the year for your sake.
  • Manage your time wisely – Keeping a planner and making sure you know the date of every important test is critical to success at the end of a school year.
  • Keep everything simple – Try not to overwhelm yourself with the thought of exams, tests, and projects. Allowing yourself room to breathe and looking at major assignments like any other can make tasks much easier to accomplish.
  • Exercise and eat well – Never allow yourself to slip into a cycle of poor physical health to keep up with school. Maintaining your physical health will help you keep a positive attitude during this difficult time.
  • Continue setting goals – No matter how overwhelming it might seem, setting new goals will actually help you improve motivation and willingness to take on difficult tasks.

Though there is no simple solution to finding motivation, these simple steps will guide you in the right direction regarding the end of the school year. And always keep in mind – it’s almost summer! You got this.