Is it my fault social media is so toxic?

By Lilly G

Is it my fault social media is so toxic?

If I was to ask you right now what your thoughts on social media are, as soon as you heard those words, what would you say? I’ve heard plenty of responses both positive and negative, but why is it that when it’s negative it is someone else’s fault for why we end up on the wrong route? Why do you keep opening up the very app as soon as you close it without realizing you gave yourself no time at all to just breathe.  By doing this it can feel almost like you’ve been trapped in a mental beat down dungeon… But don’t worry, I have to confess or else who would I be to talk?

I’ve been there a lot more than once and I still am from time to time but I’ve learned a lot because of it. Anyway I think It’s time to respond to those questions, don’t you? I know many of us can relate when I say we’ve been cooped up in our room and had to force ourselves to throw our phone to the side because of multiple reasons, one being everytime we’re scrolling through tiktok or instagram, BOOM!! “ Why cant I look like her?” or “ I’ll never have that body” and we feel like we could cry for hours and maybe you have.

I also want to point out that this doesn’t just apply to my girls out there but to all the wonderful guys out there as well. It is normal to struggle with looks but I promise that there are solutions to help with that. One being, you don’t necessarily need to “quit scrolling” but rather check who you choose to follow. Sure, they may be good-looking and they create good content but how does this affect how you look at yourself?  Why do you let these stereotypes define who you are? The people you look up to, look down on themselves as well, it’s inevitable to feel perfect all the time.

But in order to feel like the best version of yourself you must work from the inside out, not the other way around. My absolute greatest advice to everyone is that in order to work on you, you must stop looking at everyone else.