Online learning = Stressful?

By Leah G

Online learning = Stressful?

Online learning can be very stressful. If you are in an environment where there are many distractions it can be very hard to stay focused. Many of you probably have your phone right next to you or a TV on around you. You may have younger or even older siblings close by in their zoom meetings. Some siblings could be out of school in the house and are loud and obnoxious. I am there with those of you who are in this position. I have two sisters who are in school on their zoom calls and a baby sister that isn’t even in school yet. There are days where she can’t go to the babysitters, so me and my sisters have to watch her while doing schoolwork and participating in our zoom calls. It can be very stressful when you put off doing some of your assignments until the last minute or have even forgotten about them.

 Getting behind in class is very overwhelming and makes you feel like you won’t have time to finish the new assignments coming in or makes the assignments harder because you don’t know some of what is going on, due to the missing assignments. I am someone who has tried to stay on schedule and turn in assignments when due but ever since online learning I have been struggling so much that I have ended up getting behind in classes and it makes me stressed out even more. I have told people I didn’t need help with the assignments because I felt I should do it on my own (since I caused it all to happen in the first place) but that probably wasn’t the best solution since I just stressed myself out more!

Asking for help sometimes doesn’t make you a bad or weak person- it actually makes you a smarter person if it helps you be successful!

You may feel like you’re troubling someone but please let them help you.