Test Anxiety

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Annabel S

Kettering Fairmont High School

Test anxiety is a topic that I personally dealt with for many years growing up. I would work myself up all night to the point that I would not sleep and feel sick to my stomach the next morning. For me, it was not the test that got me worked up but it was the thought of not sleeping and performing poorly on the test that made me anxious. 

I knew that I needed to talk to my parents about what I could do to calm that stress. When talking to my parents, I realized that having the same routine before bed each night would allow for me to feel comfortable about falling asleep. I decided on a few things that I could do each night to help with this. These include, reading before bed (bible, book, or magazine not on an electronic), getting in a bath, doing breathing exercise if I start to get worked up and setting my phone down at a certain time. 

These four routines allowed for me to feel confident in falling asleep. To this day, when I feel stress about an upcoming test and do my routine to calm my nerves and fall asleep peacefully. It is all about staying calm and controlling what you let your mind believe. 

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