Self-love and social media

By Anna C

Self-love and social media

Self-love is one of the most important gifts we can give ourselves. With this being said, self-love can be so hard to obtain with the pressures of social media in our everyday lives. Society can pressure us to believe that a certain lifestyle or body shape is superior to another. In addition to this, social media can cause more harm than good, making us believe false realities. While scrolling through social media, it is second nature to compare ourselves to others. We start to compare the shape of our body, our facial features, or even the amount of hair we may have on our body when we stare at photos of others. This can be very detrimental to our mental and physical health. For this exact reason, we should try our best to follow more accounts that promote self-love, self-acceptance, and body positivity.

Some positive accounts to follow on Instagram include the following:

  • @myselflovesupply (self-love)
  • @selfloveblossom (self-love)
  • @werenotreallystrangers (self-acceptance)
  • @siennamaegomez (body positive)
  • @carriedayton (body positive)

It is so important to celebrate our differences rather than compare them. Every mind, body, and soul deserves to be loved and appreciated. This is why it is so important to fill your social media feed with those who help empower you and celebrate your differences.